Ol’ Time Way, It’s Too Hot to Handle!

Ol’ Time Way 2014

We got just what we wanted! A refreshing is what we wanted!

Thank You Jesus!

We thank all that contributed to the success of the event.  A special thanks to Pastor Corey Parker, Tracia Barnes and the Quad Cities Family Life Church family for their participation.

10:30 AM Service: Give Me That Ol’ Time Religion

Elder Bernadine Franks (GEM) Luke 17:12-19 Teaching that we have to go through the bad times to get to the good times.  In the O’l days we walked in faith on the prayers of the saints. In the text the lepers knew Jesus as their “Master”, as the one who could heal and deliver them putting their voices together to call on Jesus and get His attention. They got just what they wanted, but only one, a Samaritan, turned to give Jesus the glory for what He had done. By the Samaritan’s faith, he was made whole.  What does your faith speak for you? We are here to remind you of the faith of ol’…the faith that will take you through life and make you whole.

4:00 PM Service: Daily I Shall Worship Thee

Pastor Corey Parker (Quad Cities Family Life Church) Jeremiah 20:7-9 Teaching that we all go through and get tired and want to throw in the towel, forgetting that we’re human, but there’s something down inside that tells us to go ‘head.  Sometimes what God asks of us is uncomfortable and not popular.  The God in us should shift the atmosphere and we must reclaim our power…the ol’ time way and speak when the Lord says speak.  In the text Jeremiah feels deceived by God, being put in the position of ridicule and reproach.  He wanted to turn away from what God had asked of him, but the Word of God in his heart burned as “fire shut up in my bones”.  We were created to glorify God and to come out from among those of the world and be separate, doing His will.  Not to be popular or doing what we feel like doing.  Even in the face of persecution, we must declare the Word of the Lord that is hidden in our hearts and “it’s too hot to handle”.  “Thank God for the fire (a purifier, an illuminator, a warmer)! … There’s no quit in God’s people!”