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GEM Mime Ministry

GEM Mime Ministry


The GEM Mime Ministry is our group of teens learning and growing in the Word of God  and the expression of it under the leadership of Elder Bernadine “Bernie” Franks.  The group banded just in the fall of 2013 and has grown exponentially in technique, anointing and passion.  They helped set the atmosphere this Resurrection Sunday rendering to Kirk Franklin’s Now Behold the Lamb.  Pastor Boyer’s love for young men and women encouraged her decision to assign Elder Bernie the leadership task and to find a niche for them in the ministry.  The Teen and Kidz Ministry have grown in great proportions.  Elder Bernie’s management style is tough and her expectations high, but the Teens recognize that the reward is worth every minute and they express their gratitude for Elder Bernie and the opportunity to participate as well as their love for God each time they go forth.

GEM Kidz - Resurrection Sunday 2014 - Hallelujah!

GEM Kidz – Resurrection Sunday 2014 – Hallelujah!

Hallelujah is the highest praise!!  We certainly enjoyed all of the children that attended Kidz Church this Resurrection Sunday.  Elder Bernie’s preparedness, patience and fun loving spirit for the ministry is a shining example and the reason why the ministry continues to grow.