The Lisa Schmidt Education Fund is in full swing! See the overview below. Your financial support would be greatly appreciated.

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October 30, 2016 was the announcement for the “Lisa Schmidt Education Fund” sponsored by Gospel Explosion Ministry.


  • Spend time praying on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am

Sylvia Ann Boyer is the founder and Senior Pastor of Gospel Explosion Ministries (GEM). After having pastured for 10 years in Denver, Colorado, the Lord called Pastor Boyer to lay a foundation of her work in Iowa City, Iowa in August of 2000. It was at that time, that Pastor Boyer obediently made way for Iowa City, leaving those ordained under her to carry forth the mantel of her ministry in Denver.

Upon meeting Pastor Boyer, or watching as she shares the Word of God, one quickly comes to recognize that she not only works out of obedience, but an accompanying passion to see souls won for the kingdom of God. She and the Gospel Explosion Family are known throughout Iowa City as a ministry that not only serves the community, but other mission groups throughout several other countries as well.

Gospel Explosion has been associated with Circle of Support and Accountability (CSA), a service to the Iowa penal system that transforms the lives of those facing prison time, through ministry, as well as, reaching out to the elderly population through Gospel Explosion’s Senior Care Ministry. With Christian education being another love and vision that Pastor Boyer has, the Bread of Life Christian Book Store that lies on the church premises, serves as another valuable resource for God’s teachings. Pastor Boyer’s ministry is also televised in three area locations of the state: Iowa City, North Liberty, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Gospel Explosion is a non-denominational, spirit-filled church that exemplifies, “with loving kindness have I drawn thee (Je. 31:3b).” Special emphasis is given to the study of God’s Word and prayer on a regular basis. Faith-filled words coupled with the anointing produces an atmosphere of God’s presence that can be experienced by all that love the Lord; even those seeking total deliverance. At Gospel Explosion Ministries, modeled is a right-living lifestyle that can be accomplished as one walks in the knowledge of God’s word with the desire to obey that which “thus sayeth the Lord”.